t h e  s t o r y  o f  h r s t k a

a b o u t  f r a n c i s c o  h r s t k a

The name 'hrstka' has a highly personal connotation.

It is a heritage family name that represents Francisco Hrstka, an immigrant tailor from Czechoslovakia who, after arriving in Guatemala, opened up an atelier at the Historical Center in Guatemala City.

He worked for different customers and made himself a name, with a portafolio of high-profile, influential clients within the city.

His technique and knowledge was transmitted from generations in the Hrstka family, where different relics and archives from the tailor shop have been preserved and shared.

The brand today finds itself honoring his legacy and history while looking for its own voice and point of view.

francisco and filomena hrstka, may 1935.