l á z a r o  c a p s u l e

e d i t o r i a l

photos by rony orozco

tatiana and ishisu by nova model management

a b o u t

‘colección lázaro’ was developed as an extension within ‘colección cinco’, as a way to express, progressively, that love is always a work in progress.

It has been proposed as part of an annual runway along with Guatemalan fashion fabric provider Lázaro.


Differently from its previous counterpart, the capsule is composed of new cavitations on the irradiation of a self love, flourishing of the self.

Expressing a softer and intimate connotation to garments, it’s developed to more sensitive and naked aspects of the truth of love.


Flou elements have been used, exploring volumetric bursting within classic elements, to give them a new twist: this, intrinsical to the creative development of the brand.

Direct heart motifs, that adopt tridimensional shapes in background. A nod to classic style, through modernism.\


A monochromatic color palette, with a new addition in salmon pink, as a way to unrestricted the color and lend itself vastly. Love is not restricted nor fixed chromatically. It has no definition.


Finally, soft and delicate textures like satin, georgette and chiffon are used; the medium switches focus: it shines, sheers, becomes intimate and glistens on the wearer.

p l a y l i s t