c o l e c c i ó n  u n o

f i l m

film created by estudio doce for mercedes-benz fashion guatemala, 2017.

a b o u t

Inspiration for this collection comes from the concept ‘mono no aware’, which makes reference to the sensitivity and the capacity of feeling sad, melancholic over the ephemeral things in life.

This concept is combined with the study of natural occurrences related to the understanding of one’s mortality.

Together, they narrate the process of the temporality of the substance focused on the body, taking elements of reincarnation and chemical-based neurological processes.

The progression of the pieces tell a story about death and rebirth.

The range of the pieces go from well-covered and opaque to uncovered and semi-sheer, playing with elements of illusion and color absence, fused with reflective surfaces that resemble phosphenes and silhouettes that merge restricted and dense to free and fluid.

Footwear for this collection were chosen in collaboration with Costa Rican brand CRUDA. Custom jewelry pieces were prepared for the show.

picture by alejandro de león

r u n w a y

pictures by alejandro de león

a r c h i v e

p l a y l i s t