c o l e c c i ó n  t r e s

f i l m

created and directed by manny rionda and studio frijol.

starring diane bathen and lisa hayet, valeria oliva and marianna aguirre

from nova model management

hairstyle by sebastián catalán

makeup by marylena letona

jewelry by sofia sofia

assisted by isabella salvati and grecia alfaro

a b o u t

The collection finds its nature through the notion of ‘not being enough’.

As a self-referential concept, the understanding of society’s high expectations on itself, ideas on emotional and physical overwhelm, breakdowns and the realizing and respecting of our own relationship with myself and our surroundings were studied. Mental images and perceptions became pedagogical, a mean of inner growth and understanding. Like searching for a cure through the process of falling very ill.


As a tangible collection, it is meant to create a conversation on concepts.

Ideas on lightness, movement and flow being contrasted with the ideas of blockage, binding and roughness are seen; the dichotomies of constraining and freeing silhouettes are matched with elements of distortion, foldings, different attributions of bodily terminology and diverse references to worldwide popular garmentry and artisanal techniques. Beadwork within the collection was worked alongside women-led artisan collective Artediba.


As a whole, rather than romanticizing or vilifying traumas and affections, the attempt is to paint a realistic painting on the way that, as humans, we can reach an inflection point. It becomes a representation of an honest space in our interior, where I concluded that it is normal not to feel alright; it is normal to

feel you’re not enough and that it is normal to be imperfect.

r u n w a y

e d i t o r i a l

p l a y l i s t

a r c h i v e

runway for mercedes-benz fashion

guatemala 2019

jewelry by sofia sofia

footwear by nine west

assisted by isabella salvati, grecia alfaro and salomé montenegro

see the lookbook here