c o l e c c i ó n  d o s

e d i t o r i a l

pictures by gabriel solís and arturo álvarez

a b o u t

Inspiration for ‘colección dos’ starts through the study and analysis of neurological disorders and diseases, under the understanding of how these modify behavior and demeanors that we understand as ‘sociologically’ accepted by the human being and society, where their capacity of understanding and development are distorted.

It is, at the same time, a critic/meditation on society’s own way of recognizing the human psyche, highlighting the importance of identifying behavioral patterns, different illnesses and how, as human beings, it is needed to create dialogue, understanding and support to whomever suffers from them.

This collection reflects on a change on the conduct and the traditional notion of garments as primary necessities, converting them into conversational pieces, that shed light on our knowledge of mental health.

These ideas are represented through premises of distortion, relocation, extrapolation, transformation of traditional patternmaking, prints and the usage of different textile manipulations. Many other elements of printing, sublimation, patching and embroideries are used in strategic pieces.

Footwear for this collection were picked through retailer Meat Pack, whereas the bags were presented through a collaboration with Kipling.

picture by alejandro de león

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pictures by alejandro de león

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